Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What are your Return Policies?

You may return any hardware within the 15 natural days after purchase in an unused or like new condition. A 25% re-stocking fee will be charged and credit will be issued upon receipt and inspection.

Also the customer will be responsible for the freight coming back. If damaged in shipping, etc. there would not be a credit issued as well.

Just remember that ALL GRAPHIC SALES ARE FINAL. Only hardware can be returned.

To replace, repair or return your products, you need to request a RA number. No items will be accepted without the RA number; instructions on returns will be provided by your sales representative.

Basic Recommendations

Supply all the necessary files.
Include all image and graphic files imported into your document. Graphics that are missing may remain visible but will output in low resolution and look pixilated and fuzzy. Also please supply original and editable copies of all graphic files.

• Supply the necessary fonts.
Please be certain to provide both printer and screen fonts. If printer fonts are missing we will not be able to create films for your job.

• Convert all your colors from RGB to CMYK.
Your images may print black and white or with inaccurate color if you neglect to convert images.

• When converting a Pantone color to CMYK, verify that the CMYK color is equivalent to the original color. Some Pantone colors are outside of the CMYK color space and appear different when printed as process color. View your screen after conversion for a rough idea of how that color will appear. For an exact determination, view a Pantone color conversion guide.

• Scan or save your images at the correct resolution.
Set scanning resolution at double the output line screen. At least at 100% and 300 dpi. If you are not very familiar with this process, allow us to help you. A small extra fee will be added.

• Set document bleeds up correctly.
Make sure all bleeds extend between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch beyond the edge of the size of the finished document. Again, if you are not familiar with this technicality, let us do the job for you. It’s free!

• Send us a mock-up of your document.
It is always useful to have a mock-up as a guide for printing. A PDF e-mailed with your job or even a laser proof faxed to us can serve as such a guide.

• Label everything.
Clearly tag the files you are supplying. It is also helpful to provide us with a checklist of everything you are sending.

Following the above checklist helps reduce potential problems, speeds up delivery and avoids fees associated with pre-press problems.

However, don’t worry if you don’t do all these steps or don’t understand how to do them. We can work with any file you provide. Just submit whatever you have: we will pick up the phone and call you if we have questions.

You can e-mail your file to us. Also we have FTP site, for large files: https://appledisplays.wetransfer.com/

If your file is coming in the following formats, don’t forget to:
  • Corel Draw: Covert text to curves, bitmaps at 300 DPIs
  • Illustrator: Convert text to outlines, bitmaps at 300 DPIs, embed all pictures
  • PhotoShop: Flatten layers
  • Acrobat: Embed fonts, Print output settings.
  • Work in CMYK. We are not responsible for dramatic color changes when converting from RGB to CMYK. Anyways, some variations may occur due to differences in monitor calibrations and so. If color is vital, please request the PerfectColor Program.
  • 200 DPIs minimum
Other File Formats that we accept
  • Illustrator (outlined fonts, embed images, CMYK)
  • PDF (outlined fonts, embed images, CMYK)
  • PSD (CMYK, flattened layers)
  • JPG (High quality file – low compression)
What is your preferred file format?
  • Full size @ 100 DPI minimum for large displays/graphics. For smaller displays/graphics, full size @ 200 DPI
  • CMYK
  • TIFF
  • LZW compression
What are your Basic Graphic Specs?
  • 300 DPIs pictures
  • CMYK workspace. Don’t work with RGB. We won’t be responsible for dramatic color changes. Even with CMYK workspace some variations may occur due to differences in monitor calibration and profiles.
  • Outline all fonts
  • Embed all images
  • If using black in background, vector images or type, please use RICH BLACK: c30, m30, y30, k100
  • Use “US Web Coated SWOP v2” color profile
Overruns and Underruns

For offset prints, we will normally deliver the exact quantity of prints ordered plus a small additional amount. There is no extra charge for the additional amount. This extra amount is normally to compensate for the industry standard variable consistency in cuts or colors. But you can also receive an underrun. The generally accepted trade practice is plus or minus 10%, but no additional discounts are applied for underruns.

Can I resize my 72dpi artwork to 300dpi?

Unfortunately, you can not increase your resolution for a design that has been created low resolution. The output will be blurry or grainy, and at times, unreadable.
The only solution to this is to redesign your piece at the correct resolution.

What type of files do you accept?

Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – FLATTENED
Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) – Fonts converted to outlines/curves
Adobe InDesign (.indd) Exported as a PDF
Adobe PageMaker (.pmd) Exported as a PDF
QuarkXpress (.qxd) Exported as a EPS or PDF
We also accept the standard industry formats: .eps .pdf .tif .jpeg

What should my files resolution be?

All file formats must have at least bitmap resolutions of100dpi/ppi at 100% scaleand embedded or outlined fonts. We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .JPG, .PDF, .EPS and .PSD. All other formats can be easily converted into an industry-standard format with a few easy steps. If you are unsure about your file format, give us a call and we will help.

What is a bleed and when should it be used?

A bleed is extra area outside of your document that is trimmed off to insure proper cuts. In simple terms – your background should go off an 4th of an inch more than your actual print size. Bleed is not required unless it is specified under the product description. You should download our pre-approved templates to ensure that your job is designed properly.
WE REQUIRE BLEEDS ON BUSINESS CARDS. No Exceptions, or you risk your job being miscut. Although our cutting staff is extremely precise, we can not guarantee any print job cuts without the added bleed when required.
Also, please keep your text at least 1/4″ away from the edge of the piece unless it is an eighth page or smaller. This way your text is in a “safe” area. If you have any questions regarding this policy you may call us, or use our design templates.

How Do I Print with a Border?

With ALL designed material we recommend you leave 1/4″ (0.25) from all surrounding edges of your printed piece. If you leave less than 1/4″ (0.25), we cannot be held responsible for unequal borders from top to bottom and from side to side. This is due to the final cutting process in which some “draw” or “slippage” occurs in that cutting process. This is a print industry standard.

I did my own design, but I’m not sure if is appropriate for printing. Can you fix it?

Yes. Our experienced and professionally-trained graphic staff can help you fixing all those little details for a perfect output for a minimum fee.

I don’t have a design ready. Can you help me with design?

Yes. Our basic design services start at $50 and up. Please contact one of our Project Managers to be advised on our services and options.

Do You Guarantee Colors?

If your job is color critical, you MUST ORDER A COLOR PROOF at the time of your order. If a color proof is not ordered we are not responsible for any color variations from your monitor to our presses. We cannot stress this enough: color variations will occur; if you need to attain perfect color on your job it can only be achieved by a color proof.
We accept no responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece. Under no circumstances will a reprint be honored for color variations that have occurred during the printing process.

Color is guaranteed to meet your expectations as long as you purchase our ‘PerfectColor’ Program. Otherwise, software color conversion tables apply, and may not give expected color results. Ask your sales representative about our ‘PerfectColor’ Program.

Our printers and monitors are calibrated to ICC standards and will print very accurately the CMYK values as they are defined in a file. However, there is no way to guarantee that the colors we print will match the way a color will print on a printer or view on a monitor that are not ICC profiled. The only way we can accurately match a specific color is by matching to a printed sample to compare with. Be sure to include one if possible.

To guarantee color accuracy, we now offer the AppeDisplays PerfectColor Program.

Also we have specific requirements for the files we receive to output the best quality possible. But if your file doesn’t meet such requirements, we will let you know and request for your approval. We are not responsible for poor quality output if the files don’t meet our minimum requirements.


ColorPerfect Program

For just $50, we will overnight proofs printed on the same material that was ordered. We will continue to send proofs until you are satisfied with the color. We guarantee that your prints will match your approved proof. When color is important to you, we highly recommend that you ask your sales rep about “PerfectColor” Program!



Client is 100% responsible for the accuracy of submitted artwork and/or layouts and that client’s artwork meets BG Expo Group, LLC’s current art specifications. Client is also responsible for obtaining all appropriate permissions and/or rights to use images contained in client’s project. Client is responsible for verbiage and spelling contained in the project. If BG Expo Group, LLC is required to make changes or corrections on client’s submission, additional charges may result and delivery date cannot be guaranteed.Color proofing is strongly recommended when color is vital. Anyhow, both parties acknowledge that exact color reproduction cannot be guaranteed. Colors will be as close as possible to those colors proposed herein. BG Expo Group, LLC accepts no responsibility for color variations between submitted images and final product.

What warranty comes with your trade show displays?

There are different warranties for all different display manufacturers; please refer to each product catalog or feel free to ask your Project Manager about the specific warranties for your product of chouice. Defects on construction are covered by the manufacturer. Please contact us if you encounter any issue. Wear and tear from shipping, use at conventions and other misuse is not covered under any warranty. All Graphic Sales are final. Please refer to our Warranty & Policies page for more details.

All graphics are final – warranty only applies for durability under specific environments. Graphics should last 6 month for outdoors and 1 year+ for indoor use.

Basic or Economy displays – 90 days

Standard displays – 5 years or limited lifetime warranty for selected models

Premium displays – Limited lifetime warranty

How long does it take to set up? Is it easy?

Set up for smaller units usually takes about 15-20 minutes. With practice you can have it up in less than 10 minutes. All of our products come with easy-to-read and diagram instructions. These instructions can be requested via e-mail.

Larger units such as 20ft exhibits could take up to a hour. Island exhibits will take in between 1 to 4 hrs, upon exhibit system type.

How do the fabric panels and mural graphics connect to the frame?

Panels and Murals connect using a flexible magnet-to-magnet or magnet to metal strip. These strips are located on the edge of the long side of panels or murals and connect to the channel bars.

Do the shipping cases have wheels?

Yes. All our display cases have high-density casters, even the heavy-duty plastic crates.

How much do your exhibits weigh?

Ten foot displays weigh on average 95 lbs. fully packed. Eight foot displays around 85 lbs, 20 foot displays approximately 185 lbs and tabletop models 50 lbs.

Which display is best for me?

We have a wide variety to fit all your budget and impact needs. Most people find floor displays the most effective, and they feel they get the most impact for the money. When choosing between Pop Up Displays or Panel System Displays and Exhibit kits you should consider overall display weight, number of employees to setup and who is managing your tradeshows.

Don’t hesitate in contacting one of our Project Managers to better assist you with your inquiries.

Do you charge tax?

Tax is charged to deliveries and orders from Florida (7%) and Illinois (8.75%).

What is your lead-time? How long will it take to get my display shipped?

On all small items with graphics included is 4 days AFTER ART IS RECEIVED AND APPROVED or GRAPHICS DESIGNED AND APPROVED. Design process may take more time and is not contemplated within the standard 4-day turnaround. Hardware with no graphics are shipped the same day, if order is received before noon ET. For all Pop Up Panoramic displays turnaround is 5 business days AFTER ART IS RECEIVED AND APPROVED or GRAPHICS DESIGNED AND APPROVED. (design process may take more time and is not contemplated within the standard 5-day turnaround). Ask for rush services (fees may apply). All exhibit modular truss systems take 1-2 weeks.

Do you ship to my hotel or directly to the convention center?

Yes. If you ran out of time or you procrastinate your order, don’t worry. We will ship directly to your convention center or hotel.

How are displays shipped?

We ship via UPS ground within the 48 continental US states but can ship via expedited services. Once you receive your display, most can be shipped to your event by package carriers including ground, overnight or checked as airline baggage.

How much is shipping?

Ground shipping in the 48 US Continental States for large and the pop up displays is around $110.00 insured. Additional charges will apply for expedited shipping services. Ask your project manager for actual shipping fees on all other items. For smaller items, the average ground fee is $25.00

Do we pay in full or can we make a deposit? Due to the customized nature of our services and the quick turnaround, all our services are prepaid. We do not accept deposits on orders below $8,000.00 and we will not ship any order unless balance due is paid.

Due to the customized nature of our services and the quick turnaround,all our services are prepaid. We do not accept deposits on orders below $8,000.00 and we will not ship any order unless balance due is paid.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), wire transfers or direct payment through our payment portal (a link will be emailed to you upon request). If paying with checks, please make check payable to BG EXPO GROUP, LLC.Checks must clear before we can proceed to production, so if your project has a very thigh target date, it is not recommended to pay with check.

How can I place an order?

You can place your order by fax or by phone. On-line shopping is available for selected items only. To place your order contact us.

When should I order a display?

Planning in advance will always make things run smoother. We recommend that you plan your order at least three weeks in advance.