Meet our Hero line of Exhibits

The future of large affordable marketing displays is here. The Hero Modular Display Line is built with a simple and lightweight, yet strong, aluminum tubing zipped inside a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric graphic print. Sets up in 15-20m without tools to create a large surface area to display your brand or message.


2012KThe system is based on modular frames, 15 to be precise, in different shapes and sizes. Triangle Tower 1The frames are made of aluminum and are covered by pillow-case type fabric graphics, which allows stunning seamless graphics, either printed one sided or double-sided. These modules can be combined to fill different size booths; starting at 6ft wide, you can always add modules to fit a 10ft or add even more to build a fantastic 20ft backwall graphic that fits on a small transport case. And this modular display system also includes versatile counters in a wide array of heights. And includes a unique iPad counter that features a frame to hold your iPad to make on-site presentations. counterYou can complement your exhibit with headers, lights and the practical Product Display: a counter with 3 top shelves to showcase small items. And the best features are that the systems is 100% tool free, which translates in less union expenses, and packs flat, which means less shipping expenses.

Interactive Capabilities

Our exclusive Interactive Sensor Pad for the Hero Line is a display with sensors that allows users to drive content on an integrated LED monitor with a wave of a hand. Includes eight LED-lit proximity sensors so users can select from eight media files that are pre-loaded into the USB device. Users, wave a hand in front of the sensors to select the media they want to see. The LED-lit sensors light up briefly behind the fabric; clearly indicating what media was selected. When you wave the hand again on the same sensor it will PAUSE the media on the LED panel. It has a 9th video, which plays on a loop if not interacted with. Benefits • User-friendly - easy to navigate with and intuitive interface • Adaptable - fully integrates with Hero Displays media System • Conveys more information in a limited space • Engaging - innovative design grabs attendees attention and keeps them in your booth Details • Compact and self-contained. • Available for purchase. • 8 sensors correspond to 8 pieces of content that can be displayed. • Plays Video Full HD 1080p with AVI, MP4, TS, TRP, MPG, MOV, DAT, VOB, RM-RMVB. • Plays images BMP, JPEG, PNG. Music MP3, M4A, AAC, • Easy to set up - NO preloading COMPUTER, just a USB.

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