Planning (and buying!) ahead of time


Attending a Trade Show is expensive. You will have to consider the raw space, displays, give-aways, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, food and more. And it might take up to a year to actually attend an event like this, so taking advantage of deep discounts while you wait with your Trade Show Display provider is definitely a good idea that you may want to consider. Is often a misconception that deeply discounted items are of low quality and have no warranty, but most of the times these discounts are a way to attract new customers at the trade show supplier's expense by cutting out prices of excellent quality items. It might happen that items are no longer fabricated just because there is not enough market for them but the quality and performance are the highest available, or that the deeply-discounted item is a best seller with excellent quality and performance and your provider feels very confident that if he sells this display at a low price you will be so happy with the quality, you will end up coming back for more displays as well, so don't get fooled by thinking that the display you are considering to purchase is disposable or poorly-made just because of the low price. Most of the times the item description will tell you a lot of things: what is the level of quality, if repairs or replacements are available, and what kind of warranty is applicable to such item, therefore is very important that you read the fine print and call your sales rep to get answers for all your questions before finalizing your purchase. Chances are that, in the event of purchasing a high-quality, low-priced display, you actually will get tired of it before it breaks down or becomes unusable, so Why not take a chance with a low-priced display? First, you will get a unit on a bargain; nothing can beat that! Second, even if you end up not using it for the original purpose (at a Trade Show), it will always come handy to have a display for a field presentation or maybe on a POP/POS environment. And lastly, it might happen that you actually end up using such unit at your Trade Show and you have saved lots of money by purchasing a bargain ahead of time. So there are plenty of advantages of an impulse purchase when it comes to sale display items. So what to buy? The displays that will always adapt to different environments are the ones that you may want to consider seriously if you find them on a sale special: iPad stands, portable displays and banner stands. Those always have a use in different applications and spaces and will be very useful to have. They will be useful today or in a year. Remember that all the displays hardware can have the graphic replaced or several graphics for different occasion. You may want to purchase the whole kit today and have new custom printed graphics for a specific presentation or Trade Show or have one custom graphic for each line you represent or plant to showcase at an specific venue. And the iPad stands will always be useful in all the applications imaginable. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our bargain sales, or any sale for that matter! You will take advantage of an opportunity and will have a useful instrument for your company as well at the best price possible. Happy buying!

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