How A Portable Trade Show Display Will Make My Business Look Good?

At the beginning of every year companies plan out their trade show marketing budget for the upcoming season. And the real limit on attendance to these events or their marketing expenditures will be the sum of costs for displays, shipping, set-up, travel costs and more.  

Portable trade show displays will save you tons of money and allow you to increase the number of event marketing opportunities without having to expend on shipping a larger and heavier trade show display unit. Further more, for a first-time exhibitor company deciding on whether to participate in their first trade show event, the benefits of a portable display or even the possibility of renting a trade show display can make less of a financial impact on their budget. The best feature of a portable trade show display is the word, “portable”. Beyond the fact that these types of trade show displays are easy to transport, ship and carry around, there are additional benefits on investing on a portable display:


Most of the portable trade show displays that we offer are less expensive than a fully custom made trade show display. While custom displays may work for some companies, budget restrictions can limit most other businesses. And with the new innovative portable displays you can build a much, much larger display for a fraction of the cost while maximizing the visual impact, without sacrificing in costs and unnecessary expenses such as setup and dismantling fees. They maintain a large graphic background area for maximum visual impact to showcase your company with attendees and they can grow as your company grows. You can start by investing on a smaller unit and add up (and combine!) for larger venues until you have a complete experience for your brand. And by not having to spend so much money at one time you will have the opportunity to allocate the budget on additional sales collateral. Additionally, by using tool free displays you will save even more money. You would not believe it but there are some venues where unions charge you a fee if your display uses one (yes, One!) tool, even without hiring union workers. So definitely a Tool Free display will save you money.

Ease of Set-Up

Most of the displays we carry are tool-free, so the feature "easy to setup" is absolutely true. Period. Not all the companies have the crew or budget to hire union services at the exhibition hall to set up and dismantle their booth. Most portable trade show displays are quick and easy to put up and only take a couple of people and less than one hour to set up.


Even though portable exhibits are built to be easy to set up and are lightweight, they’re also built to handle heavy usage and are built to last. Proper use and care of your portable display will result in it lasting for years. It does help to know as well that the displays we carry come with 1, 5 or lifetime warranty and that will save you countless headaches if your display hardware gets damaged for improper use of shipping mishandling. So combining both facts, one being the strength of the hardware and the quality of craftsmanship along with a strong warranty support, your display is bound to offer years and years of service and performance. A good investment indeed!


Add, combine, take, re-arrange, change graphic skin... You can adapt your brand to your booth size and needs every time! The key feature of this new line of portable displays is that is module based. And all modules can be arranged in different positions and angles. Then these modules (16 total plus accessories) are covered with graphic skins, which can be printed on one or both sides. Who said your display had to look always the same? Who said you had to purchase a different display for each venue? With our new line of portable trade show displays you can fill any booth size without emptying your pockets. You can keep your wow factor without the cost and complications of a custom display or the price for shipping a heavy display to an event. By combining additional exhibit modules and accessories, you’ve got the flexibility to get an additional impact in the look and feel of your portable display without sacrificing the “portable” ability. And you can have graphic skins for every different product or service you want to showcase.

As many as needed!

A Complete Work Horse

Having an Trade Show solution like a portable display that is versatile, innovative, can be easily transported, set up and taken down, makes it possible for multiple shows in a short period of time. It’s perfect for the sales team who want to attend more trade shows to reach more customers. More shows mean more opportunities to generate leads and sales. More leads and sales results in a higher ROI on your trade show marketing. Whether you are just starting in the trade show ring or you are a  seasoned exhibitor, this line of portable trade show displays will be the perfect fit for your next event.

Reinventing Your Trade Show Display

Reinventing Your Trade Show Display

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