Reinventing Your Trade Show Display

If you truly want to spend the least amount of money while keeping a high quality look of your company on a trade show, you need to consider the newest exhibit systems available in the market. You will not only innovate but also will save a considerable amount in shipping and drayage costs, which can be the biggest non-booth related expenses one can accrue on any given trade show. Consider our new Hero System.

The Hero offers the ultimate in marketing power with it's tool-free, strong and lightweight hardware and easy-to-change graphics. The hardware is made of aluminum tubing and the graphics are printed on a wrinkle resistant polyester tension fabric that encloses the frame like a pillowcase and zips shut making for easy installation without tools. Packed in a soft case with handles. With double sided graphics available, pair your Hero display with a shipping case/counter and a set of LED lights to complete your booth presentation that is sure to wow everybody that stops by! And its unique Multimedia Option will add video upgrade to your display to take your message across more effectively.

 A full 20ft inline in just 4 cases - Only 180 lbs!


Reconfigurable exhibits

A traditional custom-built exhibit can be an fantastic look for your brand, but they can also be incredibly expensive as well. Modular reconfigurable exhibits are much more budget-friendly and allow for more flexibility overall. In addition of saving you money, they can achieve the wow-factor of their traditional custom-built counterparts. All your customers will be amazed by your exhibit but only you will know that it cost only a fraction of the other traditional displays at the event. The Hero System is based on 17 frame modules and 5 main accessories that can be arranged in different ways to fit different booth sizes and looks. And you can always reconfigure the modules to build different looks each time. You can start with a 10ft flat backwall and add a couple of taller frames on the sides for an inline 20ft backwall. You can reconfigure these modules in 90 degree angles to have a l-shape or u-shape wall  for a different occasion as well. The fact that all the modular elements that make up this reconfigurable exhibit system are lightweight and fabric-based not only drives down shipping cost, but it also makes on-site assembly a breeze. Now, if we compare the costs of shipping and handling associated with bulky, traditional custom-built displays you will understand that getting an exhibit to its destination are some of the biggest non-booth related expenses one can accrue. This Hero, reconfigurable exhibit system, help you offset this cost by being lighter on average than your standard custom exhibit design. [caption id="attachment_6276" align="alignright" width="300"]Pack a complete display in a small case Pack a complete display in a small case[/caption] If your company exhibits at events all throughout the year you are bound to run into some of the same attendees and exhibitors. You will also encounter different booth spaces and dimensions from venue to venue. By investing in a Hero reconfigurable exhibit system you can not only change your look on the fly, but you will also be able to have a design that will accommodate the given booth space you have.  Changing up your look will give  you an advantage over your other frequent-exhibiting competition by always standing apart from the crowd and always surprising your attendees. The graphics on portable reconfigurable exhibits can be swapped out event-to-event, allowing you the option to rebrand or adjust your messaging to tailor fit your audience. If your company offers multiple services or product across a variety of industries this saves you a lot of money. And you can always combine with all the rest of items available in our catalog such as literature holders, counters, banner stands to create a complete experience. Features:
  • Tool Free
  • Easy assembly
  • Great alternative to shell scheme and pipe & drape booths
  • Easy to ship
  • TV & Multimedia Integration
  • Modular - Easily grows from a 10ft in-line to a 20ft and beyond!
  • Competitive pricing
  • Backwalls
  • Headers
  • Counters
  • Shelves
  • Product Exhibitors
  • Demo Stations

Hero Waterfall Accessory


Hero Combinations: from 10ft to 20ft and beyond

Grow - Adapt - Combine - Stand Out!

Small Packages

Small Packages

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